Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering Volume One

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I wouldn't call this a compilation so much as a menagerie, a haphazard collection of 16 examples of the family
technata exceptionalis. Highlights come from TMA-2 (think "2001") who pick'n'mix a bit of Moroder with spacefunk on "Underdark," ROBOT (like the name!) doing a hyper Kraftwerk, Big King Booty's Chic disco and block party chatting and Wisteria Losenge who sound like creepy cousins of Pop Off Tuesday and the Residents with reverse vocals, skewed noise, a picked guitar and a lumpy breakbeat on the one hand and an orchestra tune-up respliced into a stomping scary nightmare on the other.
Jimmy Possession, http://come.to/robots

If you're looking for a CD to put in on repeat..., we have found the one for you. Diskatopia continues to make a name for themselves for their primarily digital indie label. ...If you're thinking, "Hey I've never heard of any of these people and what is a diskatopia?" wake up! Diskatopia is a Chattanooga-based record label, true. But this music is getting airplay all over the country. So the next time you're in Philly and you hear Quetzel on the radio, you best know who the hell it is. Even if you don't typically like this kind of music, pick this one up ...
Metro Mania (Chattanooga) Vol II, No.1, January 1999

Being a compilation, this record obviously has many varying bands and sounds. All the bands, however, fall under the genre of "electronic music." Seven acts hailing everywhere from the UK to the QCs offer a couple of tracks each, makinq for a good sample of their work. I've always liked to hear more than one track by a band, it allows you to get more of its "vibe." ... {TJN’s} "Faraway" is nice, light techno with soft, weaving synth lines a la Junior Varsity. TJN's third cut is a nice kind of upbeat breakbeat thing with phonetones and lots of spoken samples. More electro techno business comes from other artists on the comp like Quetzal, who are a funkier brand of stuff,and Marumari. TMA-2, a duo, sport a couple of tracks from various places, one track being a nice kind of arpeggiated space build up and the other a beat heavy sample fest (I recognize some of those samples, but they aren't long enough to really get them, which is kind of cool). The local boys kick in with ROBOT (Jeff Konrad and friends) offering two cuts, Connected" (the best tune on the comp) and "Information Highway". Both ROBOT cuts I would consider indescribable other than being original melodic, highly textural, and a nice blend of the synthesized and the electronic. Iowa's Wisteria Lozenge (Eric Honse) offers a couple of tunes that are equally hard to describe, and in many ways, are harder to listen to. The first tune, "Tiny Little Blocks", features treated acoustic guitar, strange sounding drums, and mildly yodeled vocals, while the second could only be called a ‘sound collage’. ...The whole cd wraps up with a kind of funk party remix number called "Furry Boots" done by a fellow named "Big King Booty." It's actually really nice, although kind of ridiculous, but I think that's the idea. All in all, this is a great sounding, well sequenced cd that has lot to offer. I wouldn't recommend it for folks that don't get into electronic however, (unless you want to start getting into electronica), in that case, this is your disc.
(Pat Stolley, River Cities Reader, Feb. 3-9, 1999)
"This is a tasty collection and my RPM people will eat it up..."
Kate Klein Music Director at KMUD
"Thanks sooooo much for the DISKATOPIA stuff !! you guys kick butt!!
i love the compilation at this point and i plan on playing alot on my
CYBERAGE radio shows as well as at the club this week!
really weird and intriguing stuff.i enjoy the different flavors for sure!!
i really love the TMA-2 stuff!! excellent albums!! they will get some
spins here for sure....and i liked the Quetzal alot too... is
the ROBOT band coming out with anything soon??
i love their tracks!!"
Tommy T, KUNM, Tommy T's Cyberage Radio Show: http://www.nmia.com/~burnt/cyberage/

I have to say that I am very impressed... After having listened
to "Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering Volume One", I can tell you
that my faith in the electronic music scene is revived. This is
really an exciting album, it continuously surprised me from the
first note to the last... some may say that it is weird music,
that it is experimental music... me I just say that it is very
creative music! The artists found on "Diskatopia's Intimate
Gathering Volume One" even though have their own personality and
musical approach, share the same spirit. They all play with the
melodic and rhythmic structures to always astonish us... when we
less suspect it there is a deep groove that takes control of our
body... when we less expect it the pace changes and takes us in
an other direction, always keeping us on the edge. Like the
arrangements, the instrumention is very rich and innovative on
that album, string instruments appear all of a sudden... the
textures of the sound are also very inventive, and I have to say
that the use of samples is extremely well done. If I may dare a
comparison, that will be like every comparison, i.e., lacking, I
would say that many pieces found on that album can be described
as a slight Download-influenced Aphex Twin. The music is very
experimental, but in an intelligent way, it's not just fooling
around with machines just to sound weird, there is a true
artistic process behind each compositions. It is so refreshing
and inspiring to hear electronic music that doesn't just follow
the already established structures and format. So once again,
let me thank you sincerely for having given me the chance to
discover your wonderful artists, and I hope that in the future,
you will continue to push the boundaries a little further. Until
next time, take care.
Jean-Francois Fecteau
Le Vestibule
Quebec, Canada

"D.I.G v.1 f***** blew me away!!! I am impressed!!!...Track 1 and 3 will be played this week on Industrial Genocide (which I still co-host), Track 1 is good lo-fi Industrial, Track 3 is the best experimental Etherial I've heard in quite some time... "
Andy Sargent, WOBC

Last year Diskatopia established themselves in the electronic scene with a pair of amazing releases from TMA-2 and Quetzal. This is their first CD compilation, and among the stacks of other label comps I've heard so far this year this is by far the most promising. Aside from Big King Booty's hilarious bar rock track "Furry Boots", which I'm assuming is just a joke tacked on at the end for the hell of it, Diskatopia's bands are entirely electronic. Thomas Jerome Newton opens things up with a great example of what I'm talking about. His contribution "Warengine" is basically frenetic
hi-tech funk, with enough hyperactive samples and energetic synth work for three songs. In a nutshell this is Kraftwerk dangerously close to overdosing on speed. This "Intimate Gathering" also acts as a sneak-peak at some of the upcoming releases from Diskatopia, such as Quetzal's new track "Svamin". This is a departure from the frothy lather that Newton worked up, as it's more relaxed and spread out. The other label-familiars TMA-2 also contribute a preview to their upcoming disk; the track "Underdark". If these two songs are to be taken as a warning, these upcoming releases are something to look forward to. Anahata and ROBOT are both the solo works of Jeff Konrad, with the former providing a laid back, emotive track and the latter a pair of completely different songs altogether. The first, "Information Highway", is upbeat and characterized by it's thematic samples. "Connected" has eccentric male vocals handling the chorus,
melodious female vocals on the versus, and what sounds like an interesting guitar solo to cap it all off. All in all this is a great introspective disk from a label worthy of your attention, and it's good to know they have more on the way. --
Ben Didier