Jeff Konrad aka ROBOT USA has been producing, composing, sampling and generating tones for the better part of the 90's. Armed with old-school drum machines and modern synthesizers, ROBOT USA utilizes technology from the past and present.

While studying jazz and electronic music in college, ROBOT USA decided that he wanted to design music that had the experimentation of jazz and the funk of house.

"If you listen to Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix", Jeff explains, "they actually say something's not just a loop getting tweaked…they have tension and release, construction and deconstruction...I want to incorporate that into my electronic music."

ROBOT USA is influenced by the non-musical as well as the musical. When not producing, ROBOT USA is fond of creating digital art as well as jacking around with website construction.

Jeff Konrad has contributed to many external musical projects such as Quetzatl, The Multiple Cat, Crash, Mike Flack, and Wisteria Losenge.

Besides ROBOT USA, Konrad is also involved in the musical bands/projects JRad, eggspout, Anahata, and carrier current. Check out some small pics of artwork that may be used on future Jeff Konrad projects...

His debut CD ROBOT USA is available.

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