Formerly known as Quetzal

Quetzatlís performances have been described as "pushing the limits," "ahead of its time," and "cutting edge" by promoters, club owners, and international electronic music mags. His CDs have achieved airplay at over 60 college radio stations in the USA, Canada, and UK. He has been releasing music and performing live for the past three years, and his live performances are VERY live... each one turned, tweaked, and twisted into a unique and genuinely new experience... no two ever quite alike.

Recent performances include:

Physics of Electronica 2 (Nashville), Exit to Eden (Chattanooga), Sweetbeatz Parties(Chattanooga), Diskatopiaís Intimate Gathering (Chattanooga), Prom Party 2 (Nashville)....

Clubs played at include:

Nubar9/Chameleon, Second City, Something Different, Velocity, and The Emporium....

Current Quetzal releases available on Diskatopia Records:

CD - "Where Eternities Meet"

12" LP- "Stellar Mathematique"

CD- "Diskatopiaís Intimate Gathering" (various artists)

Upcoming Quetzatl releases:

CD- "Chilam Balam"

CD- "144 Select"

A note from Quetzatl (Esiris Kayab Lyons) :

"My first several projects were released under the alias Quetzal. I have since metamorphed my alias to Quetzatl, and will be recording and performing with that name from now on. I hope that you enjoy my music, as I have a deep passion for it and feel it is one of my lifeís missions, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to play live for you in the future."

Contact Info:

Email- and

Voicemail-(323)860-9925, (423)756-9127

Photo:Quetzatl and Liíl Quasar

(Liíl Quasar is featured on the

 track "Letís Awaken" on the CD

"Intimate Gathering Volume One")